GMEF has had a fantastic year with a number of successful projects that sustainably improve maternal, infant and family health in Bolivia and Peru.


– Our Midwife Training Program continues to provide rural women in remote areas with trained, equipped skilled birth attendants to make both pregnancy and delivery safer for both mothers and babies. An estimated 110 birth attendants assisted with over 500 deliveries in 2014 alone.

– We initiated a Community Health Worker training in 12 villages in Southern Bolivia in a severely underserved area, giving residents better access to treatment for emergencies, infections and other life threatening conditions.

– We continued our newborn resuscitation training for Ministry of Health doctors and nurses who work in remote villages. This program, called Helping Babies Breathe, is an American Academy of Pediatrics program that has been proven to dramatically improve survival for the 5-10% of babies who do not take their first breath without assistance. We have trained and supplied over 100 providers to administer this life-saving intervention.

– We helped over 300 families, schools, daycare centers and health clinics to construct bathrooms with toilets and sinks. Ministry of Health statistics show a significant decline in diarrheal illnesses in children who live in communities with toilets.

– We completed a new Clean Water Project serving 200 people. Clean water is another important factor in preventing death and severe malnutrition from diarrheal illness in both children and adults. We are encouraged by the communities’ excellent ongoing maintenance of both water and sanitation facilities, making these projects truly sustainable.

– Working with the local hospital and the Ministry of Health, GMEF provided access to contraception for over 100 women who desired this basic (and, in many cases, lifesaving) need.