GMEF has been working in Bolivia since 2010 and has trained over 115 skilled birth attendants to help women have safer births in 90 remote communities previously lacking any trained midwife. We have trained 47 Ministry of Health Nurses in newborn resuscitation skills and provided them with the necessary supplies. GMEF has provided access to safe ongoing contraception to over 100 women. Through our work, 3 villages now have clean water sources and 0ver 500 families now have bathrooms.


In 2009, we completed a month long midwife training program that educated 12 women to serve as birth attendants for their isolated communities in Northwest Pakistan and Northeast Afghanistan in cooperation with Central Asia Institute.


In 2010, working with Atlas Cultural Foundation in the Atlas Mountains, GMEF helped identify needs for a midwife training program and worked with the Ministry of Health and local birth attendants.


Working with a local health cooperative in Mulukuku, in 2008, Dr. Reid helped train young physicians in obstetrics and contraception.